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To build on our regular touch points with parents we are excited to confirm our first Coach Feedback Period for Gymnastics.

Coach / Parent Feedback sessions will be taking place over a 2-week period beginning Monday 30 July 2018.

Full details on when your child's class coach / parent feedback has been scheduled please refer to the roster on the right panel.

How will Coach / Parent Feedback sessions work?

On the day, your child’s regular lesson will conclude 10 minutes early and they will take part in a group activity in the gymnastics space.  During the final 10 minutes your coach will meet you at the designated meeting point and provide you with an overview of your child’s progress should you wish to attend.

Where will the Coach / Parent Feedback sessions take place?

Given we do have limited space for these sessions and time is limited, the coach parent feedback sessions will take place in the foyer outside the gymnastics space. Coaches will all have name badges on so they can be easily identified.

How long can I spend with my child's coach?

We kindly ask that you are considerate of the limited time coaches have. Please be mindful of other parents wanting to hear from the coach and that another class will need to commence at the end of the 10-minute period. 

Time for questions will be limited.  We encourage you to refer any unanswered questions to your Teacher In Charge who will either provide a response immediately or source it for you.

What if my child does not attend during the week her coach is providing feedback?

If you are absent the week of your Coach Feedback we are unfortunately unable to reschedule. We encourage you to instead use the 5 minutes post class where your coach comes from the gym to provide any feedback or ask questions.

If you have any questions regarding the Coach / Parent Feedback Sessions please contact