Kicking Goals: Chris Sia

  • Date: 31 January 2018
  • Category: General
Chris Sia

Chris joined Boroondara Sports Complex in October 2016. Only 12 months after joining, he looks like a completely different person. Chris’s journey started when he came into the centre wanting to lose 20kg and improve his overall health and wellbeing. Chris suffered from high blood pressure and at 100kg felt he needed to lose some weight.

Chris’s approach to improving his health was well-rounded: he exercised regularly, focused on his diet and limited his kilojoule intake to 6000Kj a day. His wife, Yolanda, helped him maintain his healthy diet, by cooking meals that limited carbohydrates.

His friend Mike, also played a big part in motivating him to get fit and healthy by encouraging him to sign up for a membership and doing regular exercise sessions together.

Since Chris has started exercising, he has gone from 100kg to 68kg, losing a whopping 32kg in just 12 months! Some of the other changes Chris made include

  • Going from a size 38 to size 30 pants

  • Decreasing body fat from 36% to 11%

  • Feels like he has tonnes more energy!

  • From setting a goal of doing one pull-up before starting at Boroondara Sports Complex, Chris can now do 15!

Chris is still exercising with Mike and his other friends almost daily at BSC and is running the City to Sea in November (15km). We look forward to seeing how he does with this new challenge. Well done Chris!