Gymnastics Newsletter

  • Date: 02 October 2018
  • Category: General
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Important Dates: 

Term 4 Classes Commence: Monday 8 October 2018

Balwyn Gymnastics Club Display Day: Sunday 2 December 2018

Classes Conclude for 2018: Saturday 22 December 2018

No Lessons: Non-Programmed Weeks: Monday 24 December 2018 – Sunday 13 January 2019

Term 1, 2019 Commences: Monday 14 January 2019

Debits commence for 2019: Thursday 3 January, 2019.

Please note program fees are calculated on a fee per class schedule. Each class has a scheduled fee which is calculated on program weeks and phased fortnightly across 25 debits per year. Please note this means debits will fall during holiday periods or non-programmed weeks.


Gymnastics – Communications

Thank you to all those parents/guardians who participated in our recent Parent & Coach Feedback sessions. It was great to provide on the spot feedback as to how your child is progressing within the gymnastics program and our development areas for them moving forward. We hope to provide this opportunity again in Term 1, 2019. If you have any questions regarding the program or specifically your child’s development our coaches will continue to be available in the Gymnastics foyer in the last 5 minutes of scheduled class time.

In addition to improving our communications with families we will now have available a summary for parents with regards to gymnastics class structures as well as competency skill requirements for progression.

These are now available in the Gymnastics Viewing Room and online via the links below.

Class Structure 

Developmental Skills

Introducing Membership Cards for Gymnasts

In Term 4 we will be giving all of our gymnasts a membership card to the Balwyn Gymnastics Club. Gymnasts will be asked to scan their membership card at reception each time they are visiting. This is not only to record an attendance but will help us to manage those coming into BSC for activities.

The membership card will also assist with gymnasts using the benefit of recreational swimming outside of their gymnastics classes. As an added benefit for all gymnasts at BSC, they will have reciprocal access to all four of the aquatic facilities within the City of Boroondara. This includes Boroondara Sports Complex, Hawthorn Aquatic & Leisure Centre, Ashburton Pool & Recreation Centre and Kew Recreation Centre.

Just visit any of the centre and show your card for access.

Please note our Watch around Water Policy and supervision requirements of children under the age of 10.

Christmas Holidays – Debit Information

Thank you all for a wonderful 2018 so far. Our program continues to grow and we love seeing all the gymnasts progressing and achieving their goals, all while having fun of course.

Just a reminder that classes conclude for 2018 on Saturday 22 December. Term 1 will commence on Monday 14 January 2019. Payments for 2019 will however commence from Thursday 3 January 2019. Our fortnightly debits are phased across 25 fortnightly payments per year, which may mean that debits occur in holiday or non-programmed weeks. You are not paying additional for classes during this period. The fee per class is calculated on the number of programming weeks (46) and then divided across 25 fortnightly debits. This is to reduce the financial impact fortnightly on families.

Enrolments for 2018 will carry over into 2019. If you do not wish for your child to continue in gymnastics in 2019 you will need to complete a cancellation form in centre by Thursday 20 December 2018 to avoid further payments.

Please also note the annual affiliation fee for 2019 will be withdrawn from your nominated account on Thursday 17 January (second debit for the year). The annual affiliation fee for 2019 will be confirmed once received from Gymnastics Victoria.